Statewide Asphalt
ROC A14 276436, Asphalt Paving - ROC A5 275057, Excavating and Grading
Your Parking Lot Deserves Better! 

Who We Are
Statewide Asphalt brings a unique blend of large company expertise, with the flexibility of a smaller, customer focused company. 

From the ownership to the crews on the pavement, all members of the Statewide Asphalt team are longtime asphalt and maintenance workers.  The number of gallons of sealcoat applied are in the hundreds of thousands.  The tons of asphalt paved are too many to count.  And, the square footage of asphalt paved or seal coated are in the tens of millions. 

Why Statewide Asphalt over the "other guys?"  We provide a real world, practical approach to your pavement maintenance needs, not just a giant invoice designed to cost you more money.  Give Statewide Asphalt a try!

How We Do It
Quite simply put, We Do it Right.  What does that mean?  Isn't it just a simple marketing statement?  Not at all.  Statewide Asphalt believes that doing a job right begins with the right people and the right approach to the project.  That means evaluating each job individually and not just applying the same cookie cutter approach to your parking lot.

It continues by having the right equipment and materials for the job at hand.  Statewide Asphalt is always looking for ways to use improved technology to maintain a parking lot.  And perhaps most important, Statewide Asphalt always uses the highest grade materials available, not just the least expensive  Because after all, your parking lot deserves better. 

Buy Local
When you use Statewide Asphalt, you are supporting a local, homegrown business.  Over the past few years, several paving contractors have been purchased by foreign investment groups.  Statewide Asphalt continues to be a locally owned contractor that gets it done for property owners and managers.