Statewide Asphalt


Striping the Parking Lot

Nothing looks as nice as a freshly painted parking lot, particularly after being seal coated or paved. The crisp look of bright yellow and white lines on jet black asphalt really makes a property shine for aerial photographs or marketing purposes. Statewide Asphalt can help you spruce up your parking lot or paved surface with new traffic paint, designed for the proper sheen and traction.

Or, perhaps you need a new layout to accommodate larger vehicles, close off a section of a parking lot, or better direct traffic with arrows.  Statewide can do that as well.

We are also very knowledgeable in the latest requirements from the Americans with Disabilities Act with regards to size and layout. Statewide also handles all the associated signage in parking lots too. So if you need help with the striping in your parking lot, call Statewide Asphalt.