Statewide Asphalt

Seal Coating

Why Seal Coating is Important!

While the most simple of parking lot maintenance acts, Seal coating is actually the most important, the most overlooked, and often times the most overused. The main purpose of seal coating an asphalt surface is to prevent the sun, wind and rain from washing and removing the fines, or small sand in the asphalt. While it may not appear so, asphalt is actually a very complex yet well placed mixture of rock, various size sands in specific gradation, and asphalt oil or binder.

The small sands main purpose is to fill all the small voids left by the rock to create a waterproof seal.  As those fines wear off the surface, the asphalt becomes less and less waterproof. Once this process of oxidizing and raveling starts, it becomes a downhill runaway train. If not stopped, the asphalt will eventually crumble and fall apart. While all pavements have a lifespan, the purpose of a good sealcoat is to prolong it and make it live up to its engineered timeframe.

Statewide asphalt uses only the best in seal coat from SealMaster, primarily the MasterSeal MTR and MTR Plus.  MasterSeal MTR is a specific blend of materials along with recycled tires to give a good balance of flexibility, protection, and wear. When applied properly to a good surface, this should last 2-3 years, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Along with having the right material it is also important to use the proper mixture and appropriate application rates. Statewide Asphalt always follows the manufacture’s recommendations for mixing and application.